Malkontentista – Hans Castorp II

Eröffnung Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015, 19 h Laufzeit  10. Oktober – 15. November 2015


Hamburg based artist Armin Chodzinski virtuously combines formats, contents and contexts in his multi-faceted work. He condenses fragments of pop culture, advertising and entertainment television, corporate anthems, class struggle, organization theory, art and business into large-scale installations, videos, radio broadcasts or lecture performances that also can be described as „art-music-education-revues.“

His exhibition at uqbar, titled Malkontentista oder Hans Castorp II, combines drawings of graphs and charts, a fog machine, a self-made flag and The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann.
The drawings appear manic and lack any reference to reality. Their origin in quarterly financial statements, business models, management reports and organizational research is still vaguely perceptible, yet the structures no longer explain any relationships, are no longer operationally effective, but only refer to themselves. Next to them, in the corner the artist placed a flag showing an embroidery that reads „Malkontentista“. It is a flag of discontent, a militant gesture without imperative, an angry inventory, which at once collapses like a house of cards. Along with the recurring fog it forms the stage for the imaginary Hans Castorp, the protagonist of Thomas Mann’s The Magic Mountain.

Armin Chodzinski art works deal with the social process of and the desire for organization in the midst of a fundamental transformation. Formally and content wise, he links issues of collectivity, of Romantic and of a specific social structure which develops from hierarchical principles into a network and a swarm.

One important principle of Chodzinski’s work is the artistic research, his method is the self-experiment. In order to understand economics, one of his first projects was titled Armin Chodzinski goes into management. Consequently, he actually worked over several years in the management of a food company. His doctoral thesis Art and Business. Peter Behrens, Emil Rathenau and the dm drugstore built on this experiment. Currently you can listen to 4 parts of his Dr. C.’s Conversationslexicon on the ARD Mediathek.